Marlena Desiree Mardigan (“Dezz”)

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Marlena Desiree Mardigan/Dezz – Dezz specifically formed Mardigan Executive, LLC
(ME) to focus on providing firms and corporate organizations an effective approach to
the Executive Search, Direct Hire Placement/Recruitment and Human Resources

Grows and Help Retain your Staff

Dezz is a game-changer, offering a unique, and energetic, a diverse, yet multi-faceted,
an influential, yet motivational, value-added proposition to the industry – positively
progressing your business – making things happen!

Recruits Rainmakers and Strengthens your Culture-Cohesion

​” Companies need the right people, and the right people need to be in place to do what
they love doing!  I’m your business matchmaker. I ignite your human resources,
cultivate your culture; thoughtfully connect the best, most suitable top talent in the
market to your opportunities, then integrate all three components – simply put! “

Save you Time, Efforts and Maximizes Talent Optimization!

Dezz is a graduate of West Virginia University Institute of Technology.  She is a native
New Yorker and has resided and worked with top U.S. cities and internationally alike!
She is awarded, she has a wealth of experience and a proven track record in Executive
Search, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources.