ME Services and Methodology



Client Strategy & Journey

Client Strategy

  • We strategically map for market intelligence
  • We then identify the best, most suitable talent in the market
  • We qualify, we assess, we align and we then present the top candidates to you
  • We optimize your firm’s culture cohesion
  • We are always ready for the next role to fill!

Client Journey

  • We meet with you – you tell ME what you need
  • You brief ME on the role or your firm’s hiring strategy
  • We research, we approach, we assess, we interview, then we match-make the most suitable candidates based on your needs
  • We then make our introductions to you with the best, most marketable and suitable talent in the industry
  • You select your new employee
  • We offer, then negotiate if applicable and confirm your new employee/s start date
  • You onboard your new employee
  • You call ME to help you with your other needs!

Candidate Strategy & Journey

Candidate Strategy

  • We strategically research market trends and opportunities
  • We provide personalized career advice/guidance
  • We confidentially build your career roadmap and plan with you
  • We identify options and submit your proposition to the best employment option
  • May the best firm win!

Candidate Strategy Journey

  • Connect with ME for confidential consultation (your goals)
  • Sign Authorization to work with ME
  • Take the ME Assessment
  • Work with ME to deliver your CV/Resume, business plan and/or writing samples to ME
  • Agree upon submission/plan of action
  • Firm/Organizational introductions
  • Offered the role of your dreams
  • Accept your offer
  • Work with ME through your Onboarding process
  • You’re now on your way!