Executive Search Services

The ME Executive Search (informally called headhunting): The Mardigan Executive Search is a specialized recruitment service which, you the Client, will engage ME to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for your senior-level and executive positions.  We serve law firms, public, private and governmental sectors, (e.g., Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Partners and their team, Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEO, and non-executive-director positions).  We can also seek out and recruit other highly specialized and/or skilled positions in your organization for which there is strong competition in the job market for the top talent – we have you covered, saving you time, money and energy!

Our Method: Our method usually involves researching the availability of suitable qualified candidates working for competitors or related businesses or organizations. Having identified a shortlist of qualified candidates who match your requirements, Mardigan Executive can/will act as an intermediary between you, the Client and the prospective individual/s.  If there is interest, we will make the introduction.  In addition, Mardigan Executive will also carry out initial screening of the candidates, negotiations on remuneration and benefits, and preparing the employment contract.  We are involved throughout the entire source, recruit to interview to hire process!

Our Financial Contractual Options:

  1. Contingent – includes agreement and payment upon successful completion of the search assignment (the risk is on us)
  2. Retained – includes agreement and payment for the exclusivity and process payable in three stages (the risk is shared between us)
    1. One-third payable at the start of the brief.
    2. Second-third payable at the presentation of candidates
    3. Last-third payable upon candidate start date